Posada Tacubaya Portico

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Posada Tacubaya Photo Gallery

The entrance to the Posada is right on the original Camino Real, the road that in 1775 led to the founding of San Francisco. It’s within this framework of living history that the Posada welcomes you to its genuinely charming, Mexican B&B ambiance. Bring your kids, bring your dog—they’re all invited! And because the Posada is owned by the Swickards, who created the stylish Hacienda de los Santos, you can be assured you’re in for an unforgettable experience.

Alamos Church

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Alamos, Mexico Photo Gallery

Alamos today is known for its charming atmosphere and warm, friendly people. Here, one can leave behind the hurried life of the urban areas of North America and relax into the serene lifestyle of this small colonial gem. Though the population hovers around 15,000 people in the city and another 4,000 inhabitants in outlying areas, Alamos still retains the grandeur of its colonial past.

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